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Everything you need to know about Creating your Reality!


I've been making and leading Vision Board workshops foreverrrrr!

⚡️ ⚡️ And I have FINALLY boiled it all down to the very, VERY basics- It's ALL ABOUT ENERGY. ⚡️ ⚡️

We "vibrate' on a certain frequency and THAT frequency dictates our reality!

⁉️ ⁉️

What the HECK does that mean?

It means, that how and what you THINK 💭 , FEEL 🤗 , and KNOW 🧠 , are what creates your reality.

I've heard this before and I am ready to jump in!

Are there areas of your life that are going really well? NOTICE how your regular THOUGHTS about these areas, an you will see, you do not have sh*t thinking . But the areas of your life that you declare are not going well, .. I KNOW you have a lower vibrational thought field happening . I know you constantly think of what you DON'T Like, or what you DON'T have, or what you Don't want anymore. 🛑

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

How do I know this? Because this is how energy, consciousness and creation WORKS. There is no other way.

⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️ ⚡️

A 'wealthy person' does NOT think about being poor. A healthy person does not think about being sick, feeling sick or being limited in ANY way. A thin and fit person does not think about how fat and unhealthy they are. A person secure in any situation, does NOT think about being insecure, upset or threatened in that situation.

💥 💥 💥

In fact, the parts of your life you enjoy and love, you don't THINK about much at ALL. And you probably (hopefully) only have gratitude and appreciation for that aspect of your life. SO you are thinking about it in a positive, loving and affirmative way. (Challenge me on this!)

I want to understand my energy field!

However, when we experience Lack or a 'less than' result in our lives, if you pay attention to how you think and feel about yourself or this area of your life, you will absolutely , with 💯 CERTAINTY, you will notice you have negative, fearful, or unclear thoughts. It is in these thoughts that cause vibrations. and these vibrations CREATE a reality . In other words, your core beliefs and thoughts are creating your reality!

😡 😡

⁉️ NOW. Don't get annoyed. Hang on a minute. Am I saying that your life's problems are caused by YOU⁉️

Umm.. Yes. Sort of. And NO. LIFE absolutely presents us with challenges. Some are MAJOR, unforeseen, tragic circumstances that are well beyond or control. I am not speaking about THOSE moments. What I am talking about, is your regular everyday life and living and how you perceive your current life.

🤍 🤍

Currently, You are in a RUT. You are existing in a conditioned, patterned, SET way of thinking, feeling and behaving. AND THIS IS CAUSING YOU to NOT move forward and create NEW CIRCUMSTANCES. This is a function of BEING HUMAN and you are not doing anything 'wrong'.

Ok, ok, I get it. I want to start!

In fact, your life may feel good, or GREAT even, but no matter what, you are living every day the same exact way , which means you will create the same exact life for yourself tomorrow. Does that sound enticing to you? Things always staying exactly as they re right now? Never changing ? Never expanding? if so, you can leave this page because you probably don't want to hear the rest of this.

Life is exactly as it is meant to be, RIGHT NOW, but it can also change and grow and expend in ways you PREFER .It's up to you . Literally and entirely UP TO YOU.

💥 💥 💥

There is a BETTER way to look at the world and a better way to start creating NEW conditioning and experiences.

If FEAR or lack of clarity are blocking you, then THIS Mini course is PERFECT for you. If you are happy but you are looking to open up even MORE, this mini course is definitely for you.

If you don't want change to happen and everything is perfect, this course is also great for you .😂

I am so ready to just get started!

In this one class, (90 mins!) ⏰ we will break down the minds' barriers to what is getting in your way and more importantly, we are going in ward and INTUITIVELY going to find your path to joy.

🦄 🌈 🧚‍♂️

Is this magical thinking? Yes. And NO. I am not a fan of Unicorns and rainbows. Ok. Ok that's not true . I like those things, I just do NOT like them when I am working on creating the next chapter in my LIFE. I do not like 'fake', false hope or 'wishful' thinking.

🦄 🌈 🧚‍♂️

Instead, I prefer to use a SIMPLE Intuitive technique to help you get to the ROOT of your energy field to help you find out what you are truly after. What do you want? What do you need? What is NEXT for you? What is the next layer you can upgrade in yourself? What are you sick and tired of?? GET Excited. (ok. you dont' ben have to get excited. Just notice your INTRIGUE and your desire to know more about yourself and what is POSSIBLE for you.

I want to see, understand & create what is POSSIBLE for me!

Because TRUST ME. There is a SH*T TON more possible for you. A. SH*T. TON. MORE. No matter how amazing and grand your life is, there is ALWAYS room to expand and grow. AL. WAYS.

💥 💥 💥

It's time to try this simple technique with me and see how your life OPENS up to NEW POSSIBILITIES!!

I know you are READY. I know you are ABLE. What only YOU know is, are you WILLING?

That part is up to YOU!

🤍 🤍 🤍

💪 Are you doing this , or what? 💪

YES! I am ABSOLUTELY ready, able and WILLING.

Your Instructor

Deborah Hanlon, Intuitive, Coach, Author, Guide
Deborah Hanlon, Intuitive, Coach, Author, Guide

Deborah Hanlon

Consciousness Coach, Meditation Instructor,

Intuitive, Teacher, Author, Guide,

Transformer of Possibilities into Probabilities!

I am HONORED you have found your way to this course. I’ve been teaching meditation workshops since 2003.

I’ve witnessed the unbelievable transformations people create in their lives when they commit to a regular mediation and self development practice.

As an author and teacher, my passion is to lead others through the amazing journey of conscious awareness, (Being) self reflection (Knowing) and empowerment into ACTION (Doing) !

As a lifelong Intuitive, I’ve honed my skills of Insight Guidance to inspire my clients to move past your past and teleport you to your desired future. The journey is one where you learn to truly Surrender to the magnificence of yourself.

I believe our traumas can create our triumphs, our grief becomes our growth and our fears become our fuel when the proper amount of compassion, reflection and empowerment are applied!

I believe in the Human Spirit. I believe YOU are way more powerful than you realize AND the key to unlocking your potential is inside you waiting to be unleashed.

(You wouldn’t have found this page if that wasn’t true!)

I believe sometimes our BEST motivation is our DESPERATION. When we get to the point where life has us on our knees begging for answers, help and guidance, THAT is the beginning of the most remarkable journey. I believe every moment of your life, no matter what has happened, has contributed to the Great Unfolding of Who You Really Are.

Now it’s time to use all that ‘life stuff’ to find what you are truly passionate about, open your heart, get brave and Transform into the next version of your potential.

THIS is the reason why I am on this planet at this time

and why we have found each other today .

WELCOME to (Being, Knowing, and Doing,) YOUR HIGHEST SELF.

Deborah Hanlon

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