Mediumship: How To Connect to Consciousness !!

w/ Medium Deborah Hanlon

What IS Mediumship and ARE YOU A Medium?

To me, Mediumship is SO misunderstood. Hollywood and many religions have butchered an incredible ability of communication within all of us. While being able to ‘connect with the deceased’ is a HUGE claim, it’s one that science is almost accidently getting closer to reveal is possible.

For those of you who know me, have attended workshops and events with me, you KNOW I love proof.

You know I love science. You probably also know that I can’t stand saying that I am a ‘Medium” because I know that most people have NO concept of what it REALLY is. Most people think it is about seeing ghosts, experiencing hauntings, and HOPE that we can connect with the people we miss every day in our lives.

It is a super psychologically delicate and controversial topic.

People who are grieving are in NEED of connection. We ALL want proof of the existence of an afterlife.


What you DON’T know is that YOU are all always connecting to one another ALL THE TIME. You are not aware of MOST of the connection you have. 99% of it, goes completely unnoticed.

We are getting more and more DISCONNECTED from our environment, each other and from OURSELVES.

The ability to feel “Spirit” and experience 'synchronicity' is becoming almost dormant.

And it makes me SO SAD to see people suffering when you do not have to!

Our Technologies are seeking to connect humanity in ways that consciousness has been working since the Universe was created. We communicate through consciousness. Awareness.

Humans are able to be aware of what we are aware of!


There is a network of consciousness that CAN NOT be broken. And you are a part of that network whether you are reading this while still in your ‘human body’ or not. It is happening whether you think it is or not. There is a way to access and become aware of this network at ANY moment.
In fact, you are aware of it right now, and you are still most likely not aware you are aware!


Modern Humanity has not been trained to understand WHO we are on a Spiritual or ENERGETIC level and THIS is what gets in our way of KNOWING we are always connected. FEAR distracts us from our innate human ability. You already have access to this network and all you need to know is how to tap into it and TRUST IT.

If you are ready to go outside the comfort zone of what you THINK mediumship is… If you are ready to open yourself up to the POSSIBILITIES that are right here for you, but are very contrary to what you already think and believe based on your conditioning, then this course is going to be right up your alley. If you are ready to go way, WAY outside the box, then please, PLEASE join me and other just like you.

Your Instructor

Deborah Hanlon, Intuitive, Coach, Author, Guide
Deborah Hanlon, Intuitive, Coach, Author, Guide

Deborah Hanlon

Consciousness Coach, Meditation Instructor,

Intuitive, Teacher, Author, Guide,

Transformer of Possibilities into Probabilities!

I am HONORED you have found your way to this course. I’ve been teaching meditation workshops since 2003.

I’ve witnessed the unbelievable transformations people create in their lives when they commit to a regular mediation and self development practice.

As an author and teacher, my passion is to lead others through the amazing journey of conscious awareness, (Being) self reflection (Knowing) and empowerment into ACTION (Doing) !

As a lifelong Intuitive, I’ve honed my skills of Insight Guidance to inspire my clients to move past your past and teleport you to your desired future. The journey is one where you learn to truly Surrender to the magnificence of yourself.

I believe our traumas can create our triumphs, our grief becomes our growth and our fears become our fuel when the proper amount of compassion, reflection and empowerment are applied!

I believe in the Human Spirit. I believe YOU are way more powerful than you realize AND the key to unlocking your potential is inside you waiting to be unleashed.

(You wouldn’t have found this page if that wasn’t true!)

I believe sometimes our BEST motivation is our DESPERATION. When we get to the point where life has us on our knees begging for answers, help and guidance, THAT is the beginning of the most remarkable journey. I believe every moment of your life, no matter what has happened, has contributed to the Great Unfolding of Who You Really Are.

Now it’s time to use all that ‘life stuff’ to find what you are truly passionate about, open your heart, get brave and Transform into the next version of your potential.

THIS is the reason why I am on this planet at this time

and why we have found each other today .

WELCOME to (Being, Knowing, and Doing,) YOUR HIGHEST SELF.

Deborah Hanlon

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